CZEN Site Seeker

CZEN Site Seeker is an interactive search tool for locating field sites used for Critical Zone research around the world. Use Site Seeker to facilitate collaboration and cooperation by quickly finding sites with characteristics of interest to you. Registered sites were added by researchers at each site. Unregistered sites were added by the CZEN web team to help scientists find sites of interest. As a logged-in member you can add your own site to CZEN and Site Seeker, or if you are part of an unregistered site and want to officially add it to CZEN, please contact the CZEN webmaster. 

Field Site Network(s) Registration
Fei-Tsui Reservoir (FTR) CZO Registered
Susquehanna Shale Hills CZO CZO Registered
Jianghan Plain CZO CGS Registered
Finse Alpine Research Center CZO Affiliate, Independent, TBD Registered
Ellebach River CZO TERENO Registered
Boulder Creek CZO CZO Registered
Nahuelbuta EarthShape Registered
North Wyke Farm Platform None Registered
Western Ghats CZO Registered
Attappadi CZO under TERRAIN Network (Tropical Ecosystem Research Observatories in Peninsular India) None Registered
La Campana EarthShape Registered
Koiliaris River Basin CZO SoilTrEC Registered
Konza Prairie Biological Station LTER, LTSE, NEON Registered
Reynolds Creek CZO CZO Registered
Fushan Experimental Forest (FEF) CZO, LTER Registered
Valle della Gallina basin Independent Registered
Southern Sierra CZO CZO Registered
NCU Atmospheric and Hydrological Observatories (NAHOs) TBD Registered
Santa Gracia EarthShape Registered
Harvard Forest LTER LTER, LTSE, NEON Registered
Catalina-Jemez CZO, AZ CZO Registered
Mezquital Valley LTSE Registered
Munnar CZO under TERRAIN Network (Tropical Ecosystem Research Observatories in Peninsular India) None Registered
Punch Bowl (PB) CZO None Registered
Eel River CZO CZO Registered
Santa Clotilde None, Independent Registered
Jing-Gua-Liao (JGL) CZO Registered
Calhoun CZO CZO, LTSE Registered
LHC Flux Site TBD Registered
Damma Glacier Forefield CZO SoilTrEC Registered
Baeg-nyong (BN) Cave CZO TBD Registered
Catalina-Jemez CZO, NM CZO Registered
Aduthuari CZO, Cauvery Delta None Registered
Maybeso Experimental Forest USFS Registered
Erkensruhr CZO TERENO Registered
Nivolet CZO Independent, LTER Registered
Iznik Basin TBD Registered
Shale Transect- Plynlimon CZO Affiliate, SoilTrEC Registered
IML CZO, IL CZO Registered
Ganga Basin CZO TBD Registered
Main Range Critical Zone Observatory CZO Affiliate Registered
Liudaogou watershed CERN Registered
Christina River Basin CZO Independent Registered
NAHOs-Coastal site CZO Registered
Chenqi CZO CERN Registered
Baget OZCAR, RBV Registered
Klemme Range Research Station NEON Registered
Redlair Observatory None Registered
Baru Experimental Watershed CZO Affiliate, Independent Registered
IML CZO, IA CZO Registered
Adirondack Mountains Independent Registered
Narkhed Pandhurna Critical Zone Observatory TBD Registered
Luquillo CZO CZO, LTER, LTSE, USFS, WEBB Registered
Huehnerwasser / Chicken Creek Catchment Independent Registered
Hainich CZO TBD Registered
Newfoundland and Labrador Boreal Ecosystem Latitudinal Transect Independent Registered
Pan de Azucar EarthShape Registered
Hakai Critical Zone Observatory Independent Registered
Sanming Research Station of Forest Ecosystem and Global Change Independent Registered
IML CZO, MN CZO Registered
Alum Creek Experimental Forest USFS Registered
Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory ARS, NEON Unregistered
Cumberland Plain TERN Unregistered
Coram Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest LTER, LTSE, USFS Unregistered
Abby Road NEON Unregistered
Pluhuv Bor Independent, SoilTrEC Affiliate Unregistered
Woodworth Field Station NEON Unregistered
Hailun Agricultural Ecological Station CERN Unregistered
Fort Valley Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
OMERE OZCAR, RBV Unregistered
Bent Creek Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Grimsö Research Station SITES Unregistered
J. Phil Campbell Sr. Natural Resource Conservation Center Independent Unregistered
Caspar Creek Experimental Watershed USFS Unregistered
Coweeta LTER LTER, LTSE Unregistered
Argonne National Laboratory SFA DOE Unregistered
Onaqui- Ault NEON Unregistered
Puding Karst Ecosystem Research Station CERN, NERC-NSFC Unregistered
Réal Collobrier OZCAR, RBV Unregistered
Lajas Experimental Station NEON Unregistered
Jornada Experimental Range ARS, LTAR, LTER, NEON Unregistered
Toolik Field Station LTSE, NEON Unregistered
Ploemeur Observatory CRITEX, H+ Unregistered
Eastern Corn Belt ARS, LTSE Unregistered
FNQ Rainforest- Robson Creek TERN Unregistered
Desert Experimental Range USFS Unregistered
Plum Island Ecosystems LTER LTER Unregistered
Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute Independent, NEON Unregistered
Fraser Experimental Forest NEON, USFS Unregistered
Taoyuan Agricultural Ecological Station CERN Unregistered
Héen Latinee Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Luan River CZO CGS Unregistered
Boise Basin Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
R.J. Cook Agronomy Farm ARS Unregistered
SEQ Peri-urban SuperSite - Karawatha TERN Unregistered
Crossett Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Kellogg Biological Station LTER, LTSE Unregistered
Soaproot Saddle CZO Affiliate, NEON Unregistered
Pu'u Maka'ala Natural Area Reserve NEON Unregistered
Shenyang Experimental Station CERN Unregistered
Fuerstensee CZO TERENO Unregistered
ORACLE OZCAR, RBV Unregistered
Big Falls Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Skogaryd Research Station SITES Unregistered
Kane Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Cataloochee Creek, NC TBD Unregistered
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory SFA DOE Unregistered
San Claudio Farm Independent Unregistered
Ordway- Swisher Biological Station NEON Unregistered
East River Watershed Function SFA DOE Unregistered
Entiat Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
OSR Toulouse OZCAR Unregistered
OHM-CV OZCAR, RBV Unregistered
Barrow Environmental Observatory NEON Unregistered
Abisko Research Station SITES Unregistered
Little River Experimental Watershed ARS Unregistered
Baltimore Ecosystem Study LTER Unregistered
Poitiers Observatory CRITEX, H+ Unregistered
Lopé National Park CZO None Unregistered
Lower Chesapeake Bay ARS, LTAR Unregistered
Fuchsenbigl-Marchfeld CZO SoilTrEC Unregistered
Dry Creek Experimental Watershed CUAHSI Unregistered
Santa Barbara Coastal Ecosystem, California LTER Unregistered
Blandy Experimental Farm Independent, NEON Unregistered
Moab NEON Unregistered
Yanting Agricultural Ecological Station CERN Unregistered
Southwest Karst CZO CGS Unregistered
Panola Mountain WEBB Unregistered
Butler County Industrial Pine Forest LTSE Unregistered
Lower Mississipi River Basin- Beasley Lake ARS, LTAR Unregistered
Alica Mulga TERN Unregistered
Cutfoot Sioux Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER LTER, LTSE Unregistered
Lenoir Landing NEON Unregistered
Selke CZO TERENO Unregistered
Talledega National Forest NEON Unregistered
Yucheng Integrated Agricultural Experimental Station CERN Unregistered
Glacier Lakes Ecosystem Experiments Site USFS Unregistered
Auradé Experimental Watershed CRITEX, OZCAR, RBV Unregistered
Lönnstorp Research Station SITES Unregistered
Warra Tall Eucalypt LTER, TERN Unregistered
Challenge Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Florida Coastal Everglades LTER LTER Unregistered
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory SFA DOE Unregistered
Wind River Experimental Forest NEON, USFS Unregistered
Qianyanzhou Agricultural Experimental Station CERN Unregistered
Escambia Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Jurassic Karst OZCAR Unregistered
Draix-Bleone Observatory OZCAR, RBV Unregistered
Mountain Lake Biological Station Independent, NEON Unregistered
Niwot Ridge LTER, NEON Unregistered
TUM CZO TERENO Unregistered
Little Washita River/Fort Cobb Reservoir Experimental Watersheds ARS, LTAR Unregistered
Caribou-Poker Creeks Research Watershed LTER, NEON, USFS Unregistered
Larzac Observatory CRITEX, H+ Unregistered
Southern Plains Research Station ARS Unregistered
Dukes (Upper Peninsula) Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Sevilleta LTER LTER Unregistered
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Independent, NEON Unregistered
Santa Rita Experimental Watersheds ARS, CUAHSI, NEON Unregistered
Teakettle Experimental Forest NEON, USFS Unregistered
Yingtan Red Soil Ecological Station CERN Unregistered
Archbold Biological Station LTER Unregistered
Loch Vale WEBB Unregistered
Cache Creek, WY TBD Unregistered
Lower Mississipi River Basin- Goodwin Creek ARS, LTAR Unregistered
Turkey Lakes Watershed Study (TLWS) None Unregistered
FNQ Rainforest- Daintree TERN Unregistered
Cypress Creek, MS TBD Unregistered
Mo'orea Coral Reef LTER LTER Unregistered
Dead Lake NEON Unregistered
Yellowstone Northern Range (Frog Rock) NEON Unregistered
Fengqiu Agricultural Ecological Station CERN Unregistered
Great Western Woodlands TERN Unregistered
Black Hills Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Röbäcksdalen research station SITES Unregistered
Victorian Dry Eucalypt SuperSite - Whroo TERN Unregistered
Chronic Nitrogen Amendment Experiment LTSE Unregistered
Georgia Coastal Ecosystems LTER LTER, LTSE Unregistered
Upper Colorado River Basin SFA DOE Unregistered
Strengbach catchment - OHGE CRITEX, SoilTrEC Unregistered
UWA CZO - Avon River Catchment TERN Unregistered
Argonne Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Arctic LTER LTER Unregistered
Hitchiti Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Upper Chesapeake Bay Experimental Watersheds ARS, LTAR Unregistered
Calperum Mallee SuperSite TERN Unregistered
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve LTER, LTSE Unregistered
Majorca Observatory CRITEX, H+ Unregistered
Krycklan Catchment Study None Unregistered
Caddo-LBJ National Grasslands NEON, USFS Unregistered
Dryadbreen and Fardalen (Svalbard) Independent Unregistered
Shortgrass Steppe, Colorado LTER Unregistered
Grassland, Soil and Water Research Laboratory ARS, LTAR Unregistered
Red Soil (Sunjia) CZO NERC-NSFC Unregistered
Kall CZO TERENO Unregistered
Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed ARS Unregistered
Sleepers River WEBB Unregistered
Kaskaskia Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Upper Mississippi River Basin Experimental Watersheds ARS, LTAR Unregistered
Litchfield Savanna TERN Unregistered
Mayotte Independent Unregistered
North Temperate Lakes LTER LTER, WEBB Unregistered
Jones Ecological Research Center NEON Unregistered
San Joaquin Experimental Range CZO Affiliate, NEON, USFS Unregistered
Luancheng Agricultural Ecological Station CERN Unregistered
ObsERA CRITEX, OZCAR, RBV Unregistered
Scheyern/Pudelbach CZO TERENO Unregistered
Blacks Mountain Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Svartberget Research Station SITES Unregistered
Tumbarumba Wet Eucalypt TERN Unregistered
Clear Creek Observatory CZO, CUAHSI, SoilTrEC Affiliate Unregistered
H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest LTER LTER, LTSE, USFS Unregistered
Healy NEON Unregistered
Lysina CZO - Kladska Lake SoilTrEC Unregistered
Guánica Forest NEON Unregistered
Lhasa Plateau Ecological Research Station CERN Unregistered
Estate Thomas Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
AgrHyS CRITEX, LTER, OZCAR, RBV Unregistered
Bartlett Experimental Forest NEON, USFS Unregistered
Asa Research Station SITES Unregistered
Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed ARS, CUAHSI Unregistered
Cascade Head Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Central Arizona - Phoenix LTER LTER, LTSE Unregistered
Hyderabad Observatory CRITEX, H+ Unregistered
Oak Ridge National Laboratory DOE, NEON Unregistered
Duke Forest FACE Experiment LTSE Unregistered
Virginia Coast Reserve LTER LTER Unregistered
OTHU/Yzeron OZCAR Unregistered
North Sterling, CO NEON Unregistered
Loess Plateau CZO NERC-NSFC Unregistered
Central Plains Experimental Range ARS, LTER, NEON Unregistered
Disney Wilderness Perserve NEON Unregistered
Tarfala Research Station SITES Unregistered
Koen Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Northern Great Basin Experimental Range ARS Unregistered
Victorian Dry Eucalypt - Wombat TERN Unregistered
Deception Creek Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Palmer Antarctica LTER LTER Unregistered
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Twin Creeks NEON Unregistered
Cordillera del Balsamo TBD Unregistered
Delta Junction NEON Unregistered
Changshu AgroEcological Experiment Station CERN Unregistered
Harrison Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered
Black Soil CZO CGS Unregistered
Blue Valley Experimental Forest USFS Unregistered