Postdoctoral research fellow in « Hydrology and biogeochemistry of ponds : pesticide transfers »

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in « Hydrology and biogeochemistry of ponds : pesticide transfers »

at EcoLab-CNRS within the framework of the ANR Project « PESTIPOND »

OFFER TITLE : Role of ponds in input/output pesticide transfers and concentrations in the different compartments


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Goldschmidt Session 09i: Quantifying the impact of plants on rates of weathering and erosion

Dear colleagues, 

The abstract submission deadline for the Goldschimdt 2019 (Barcelona, Spain Aug 18-23) is rapidly approaching. Please consider submitting an abstract to session 09i "Quantifying the impact of plants on rates of weathering and erosion” within Theme 9: “Weathering, Erosion, and the Critical Zone.”  Kate Maher (Stanford) will be our keynote speaker. 

Session Title: Quantifying the impact of plants on rates of weathering and erosion

Closing Soon: Post-Master Intern in Biogeochemistry at Pacific Northwest National Lab

Pacific Northwest National Lab has an exciting opportunity for a post-masters intern to work with an interdisciplinary team, with a focus on biogeochemistry, microbiology, and hydrology. Part of this position will contribute to the global WHONDRS consortium (

This position closes soon, March 28th, so please apply today!

Link to the job ad:

We look forward to working with you,

Goldschmidt Session 09h: Geobiological Controls on Weathering, Past and Present

Hello all,

Please consider submitting an abstract to our Goldschmidt 2019 Session 09h, ‘Geobiological Controls on Weathering, Past and Present’. Our keynote speaker is Dr. Tim Lenton. The full description can be accessed here (, and abstracts are due 3/29.


Dr.'s Matthew Winnick and Kimberly Lau

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Critical Zone Science and STEM Education/Outreach, University of Nebraska – Omaha

A postdoctoral research associate position is available in the Department of Geography/Geology at the University of Nebraska – Omaha in the field of Critical Zone Science and STEM education. The position is 75% research and 25% percent teaching/outreach.  The research associate will focus primarily on advancing critical zone science at UNO’s Glacier Creek Preserve, a 400 ha watershed in Omaha investigating land use influences on critical zone structure and function.

Goldschmidt 2019 - 09b: Understanding the CZ w/ particles, solutes, & gases in rivers

Hello all, 

Please conisder submitting abstracts to our Goldschmidt session (09b) entitled, "Understanding the Critical Zone Using the Composition of Particles, Solutes, and Gases Transported by Rivers." The keynote will be delivered by Dr. Hella Wittmann-Oelze (GFZ Potsdam). Abstracts are due 3/29.

-Drs. Mark Torres (Rice) and Jotautas Baronas (Cambridge)