Goldschmidt2020: Redox biogeochemistry session call for abstracts

Dear Colleagues:


Please consider submitting an abstract to Session 10b, titled “Redox-sensitive biogeochemistry from pores to watersheds” that will be held at the Goldschmidt 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 21-26. This session is being conducted under Theme 10: Earth surface processes from chemical fronts to climate change. The session and theme descriptions are provided below. February 14, 2020 is the abstract submission deadline.


Cyberseminar on “Growing the Critical Zone Research Network"

Dear Colleagues, We were funded by NSF for a Critical Zone Research Coordination Network this year. As part of our proposal, we’re hoping to increase the diversity, inclusion and access of researchers in “critical zone” science—earth surface sciences including hydrology, geology, atmospheric science, ecology, etc.—to bring in new ideas and new questions. We’re hoping to engage undergrads, grads, postdocs, and early career faculty, in particular!

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Environmental Mineralogy MS positions at the University of Vermont

Master of Science positions are available in the Environmental Mineralogy and Chemistry group ( at the University of Vermont ( for the fall of 2020. The positions are fully supported through teaching assistantship and include summer stipend.

EGU 2020 Session SSS8.8 "Experimental ecosystem development research and ecological model systems"

Dear colleagues,

we would like to draw your attention to the upcoming session at EGU 2020 on "Experimental ecosystem development research and ecological model systems". The session description can be found here: Abstract submission is possible until 15 January 2020.

MS and PhD opportunities at UNLV

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas Geoscience Department is seeking applicants for its MS and PhD programs for Fall of 2020.  Applications are due February 1, 2020.  More information can be found here about the department:  and the admissions process:

CZOs at the 2019 AGU Fall Meeting

The American Geophysical Union will hold its annual meeting on 9-13 December 2019 in San Francisco, CA. This year's meeting marks AGU Centennial year. A complete list of CZO sessions, presentations and posters at the AGU Fall Meeting is now available in the 2019 CZO AGU Agenda

At the meeting...

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Hiring: Postdoc and Grad Student in Global Environmental Change and/or Urban Ecohydrology

Two fully-funded positions are available at Washington State University (R1 institution) in Vancouver, WA, in Urban Ecohydrology or related topics of Global Environmental Change, Urban Environmental Biophysics/Ecophysiology, Urban Environmental Modeling, Remote Sensing Data Analytics, or Socio-environmental Sustainability and Equity.

Soil Functions and Critical Zone article in current Annual Reviews

Dear CZEN colleagues - please have a look at our article on soil functions in the current issue of Annual Reviews of Earth and Planetary Sciences.


Title: Soil Functions: Connecting Earth's Critical Zone

Steven A. Banwart, Nikolaos P. Nikolaidis, Yong-Guan Zhu, Caroline L. Peacock, and Donald L. Sparks

Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Vol. 47:333-359