Two Postdoc positions on soil carbon and iron biogeochemistry in tropical forests

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015 - 04:15

Description: We invite applications for two postdoc positions across diverse skillsets that intersect with soil biogeochemistry. The successful candidates will conduct research into the role of iron redox processes on soil carbon mineralization in humid forests within the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory, Puerto Rico.


The candidates will combine detailed laboratory experiments on iron oxidation/reduction kinetics coupled to carbon mineralization, field manipulations and observations from large sensor arrays across the Luquillo forest, and implement numerical modeling (structural equation and reactive transport modeling) to scale iron-based carbon decomposition to the whole ecosystem. The project is jointly led by Whendee Silver (UC-Berkeley), Aaron Thompson (U Georgia) and Steven Hall (Iowa State U).

The selected candidates will conduct fieldwork in the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico, part of the NSF sponsored Long-term Ecological Research Program Critical Zone Observatory, and DOE sponsored research sites. Laboratory analyses and/or numerical modeling work will also take place at the Universities of Georgia, Iowa State, or California-Berkeley. In addition, the postdoctoral fellows will be expected to generate original research questions related to the project. These may include complementary experiments, novel analytical avenues or alternative modeling schemes.

Required Qualifications:  The postdoctoral fellows must have earned their Ph.D. prior to Sept. 2015. Applicants should hold a Doctoral degree in ecosystem ecology, biogeochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, geoscience, soil science or a related discipline. Publications in peer reviewed journals as a first author is mandatory. Candidates must demonstrate experience and expertise in soil carbon or iron cycling, numerical modeling, or microbial ecology, and have a broad perspective of ecosystem processes.

Desired Qualifications: Candidates should exhibit a strong ability to collaborate with an interdisciplinary team. Prior experience with a wide range of field and lab analytical techniques or numerical modeling is desired. Strong organizational and communication skills (both oral and written), and a high level of productivity should be demonstrated. Spanish-language fluency is helpful, but not required.

Application instructions:

Please send a single pdf-file including: (a) a cover letter outlining research interests; (b) a CV; and (c) the contact data of 2 referees. The pdf-file should be sent via email with [Luquillo-postdoc] in the subject line to,, and Evaluation of the applications will start August 31, 2015 and continue over the next six months until suitable candidates are hired.