Two Assistant Professor Positions, University of Florida

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Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 08:45 to Friday, November 30, 2018 - 08:45

Timescales and Rates of Earth Processes

We are interested in candidates with the ability to quantify Earth or planetary processes at short and/or long timescales. Applicants using quantitative calibrations of time including, but not limited to: geochronology/thermochronology, stratigraphy (magneto, isotope, chemo, cyclo, or bio), or modern observation systems are encouraged to apply.  Inquiries may be directed to the Search Committee Chair, Dr. Andrea Dutton ( Submit applications to:


Plate Margin Dynamics

We are interested in candidates with expertise in processes such as multiscale deformation, magmatism, basin evolution, and/or seismogenesis. We encourage applications from scientists who take a multidisciplinary approach to characterizing these environments, past and present. Inquiries may be directed to the Search Committee Chair, Dr. John Jaeger, ( Submit applications to:

About the Department

The Department of Geological Sciences resides in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and includes faculty with a wide range of expertise in solid Earth and planetary processes, surface processes, paleoclimate, marine geology, and paleontology. Resources include a range of modern analytical instruments including: MC-ICP-MS, TIMS, noble gas, and stable isotope mass spectrometers, SEM, EPMA, XRD, XRF, core analysis, magnetometers, GPS, and seismometers. Researchers also have access to the HIPERGATOR 2 high-performance computing cluster.


The University of Florida is an Equal Opportunity Institution.

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