Svartberget Research Station


64° 14' 39.624" N, 19° 45' 59.256" E
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Svartberget is a centre for forest research in Sweden and provides key infrastructures for field based research on productive pine and spruce stands as well as catchments and mire ecosystems.
Detailed Site Description: 

Svartberget research station is a hub for long term research in the boreal zone of northern Sweden. The field station is located northeast of central Vindeln, a one hour drive from Umeå.

Facilities at Svartberget consist of a collection of several other, large field research infrastructures within mire ecosystems, catchment studies and forestry. All of these infrastructures, both individually and in combination, provide unique opportunities to study processes and fluxes on both ecosystems and on a landscape level.

At present, research utilizing these facilities are addressing questions regarding forest ecosystems, forest production and management, as well as transportation and accumulation of water, carbon, nitrogen and metals, etc, both at an ecosystem and landscape level.

Long term measurement programs for climate, ozone, soil properties, water balances and chemistry from precipitation and flowing water are ongoing at Svartberget. Some data is collected and aggregated to different timescales automatically by instruments installed within the research infrastructure, other data is collected manually by our field personnel. Researchers are using this data to test and develop their models.

Svartberget provides areas for different field trials. Personnel at the station can also assist in project planning, error handling, sampling, as well as help with finding cost efficient solutions. The personnel also possess good knowledge of the surrounding area.

Resources at Svartberget include workshops, a large vehicle park, field equipment, cold rooms, a lab for processing material from the field, storage space, office space and a kitchen. Lodging is available just a few kilometers from the station. The vehicle park includes a 15 meter sky lift, a forwarder, a front loader, snow scooters, ATWs, trailers and cars.

For access to observations and data from measurement programs in Svartberget please contact the station manager, explore Svartberget base program of parameters and sampling plots and visit the Database page for direct access to results from some measurement programs. For metadata information about Svartberget long term forest field trials visit SilvaBoreal.

Svartberget is part of SITES infrastructures SITES WaterSITES AquaNet and SITES Spectral.

Svartbergets homepage can be found here.

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Evergreen Forest
igneous-felsic intrusive
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