The Power of Many: Opportunities and Challenges of Integrated, Coordinated, Open, and Networked (ICON) Science to Advance Geosciences

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Monday, December 21, 2020 - 14:30

Dear AGU community, 

We invite you to join a special collection for the Earth and Space Science (ESS) journal open to  all 25 AGU sections, entitled "The Power of Many: Opportunities and Challenges of Integrated, Coordinated, Open, and Networked (ICON) Science to Advance Geosciences", which will bring together collaborative writing teams to create commentaries describing scientific approaches that embody synthesis, cross-disciplinary integration, and open science across geosciences. 

We encourage geoscientists of all levels, from undergraduates through senior scientists, to collaborate on experiences, ideas, and lessons learned about engaging in science following ICON principles (integrated, coordinated, open, networked). Learn more about what ICON means and how this special collection will be formed at Even if the concept of ICON science is new to you, your perspectives and experiences are valuable. 

The commentaries will (1) describe opportunities and challenges of applying ICON science within and across disciplines; (2) demonstrate applications and efficacy of successful tools and methods; (3) elucidate gaps among disciplines in their opportunity and motivation to implement ICON science; and (4) identify opportunities for cross-discipline collaboration, thus reducing the activation energy to apply ICON principles. 

We would like to specifically welcome contributions from communities historically underrepresented in science, including women, BIPOC, people with diverse abilities, and LGBTQ+ scientists. The only limitation on involvement is that you must fall within the categories of AGU's science. This collection is being run on Google docs; if you cannot access Google docs, please email us for more information (see below).

Learn more about  the special collection at 

Sign up to get involved at Writing teams will be finalized in February 2020. 

Reach out with questions to

And please spread the word (#ICONcollection) across all the geosciences.


Amy E. Goldman, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Sujata R. Emani, USDA, Agricultural Research Service

Lina C. Pérez-Angel, University of Colorado Boulder

Josué A. Rodríguez-Ramos, Colorado State University

James C. Stegen, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

James C. Stegen
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