Now Hiring: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Urban Ecohydrology and/or Global Environmental Change

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Washington State University in Vancouver WA
14204 NE Salmon Creek Ave. Vancouver, WA
United States
Portland, Oregon
United States
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Monday, June 1, 2020 - 12:00

A new postdoctoral researcher position is available at Washington State University in Vancouver, WA, in Urban Ecohydrology, Global Environmental Change, or a related field such as Urban Environmental Biophysics/Ecophysiology, Urban Environmental Modeling, or Remote Sensing Data Analytics. (This is in addition to the first such position, previously advertised in 2019.)

Specific research foci will be led by the postdoctoral researcher, in consultation with the supervisor Dr. Kevan Moffett. Possible research themes include, but are not limited to: urban water-heat relations, urban forest ecohydrology, vulnerability and adaptation to extreme hydroclimate events across diverse social norms and climate zones, remote sensing data-mining, or the basic natural science needed to support environmental justice.

The researcher will also be invited as a full participant in a growing multi-institutional Collaborative on urban environmental research based out of the Portland/Vancouver area, thereby gaining network contacts, mentors, collaborators, and opening career paths at other types of universities, agencies, offices, and non-profits.

Required preparation: PhD or EdD in a relevant field by time of position start. Technical writing experience and at least some time at an English-speaking institution of research or higher education. Desired: one or more previously published, first-author scientific journal articles in English; data analysis and numerical modeling experience; research creativity; experience with, and personal commitment to, equitable and inclusive workplaces; and enthusiasm to practice research management, writing, and leadership skills.

Flexible start date, with possibility of part-time telecommute work until full-time relocation is possible. Relocation to the Portland OR/Vancouver WA area hoped for by end of 2020, if feasible. Competitive 12-month salary and benefits funded by 100% research appointment, or pro-rated for part-time. Anticipated duration 2 years full-time, or equivalent. Computing needs and additional funds available to support research and expenses. Teaching not required as part of the position. Office will be at the R1/Tier 1 Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV) campus among the extremely productive, interdisciplinary, and collaborative Natural Sciences and Mathematics research cluster.

WSUV is strongly investing in the campus experience and academic and life success of all its students and staff. The campus is actively working to improve the faculty and staff reflection of its growing Latinex, Black, and Native American undergraduate populations. Dr. Moffett is engaging in campus and departmental work toward enhanced equity and inclusion and personally invites students identifying with historically minoritized groups to apply to this position without hesitation. In addition to fostering top-tier scientific productivity, providing quality mentoring and supporting each individual’s career and life success are foremost priorities for Dr. Moffett as a research advisor.

Please apply as soon as possible by emailing (1) a letter describing your interests and experiences relevant to the position (maximum 3 pages single-spaced), (2) current CV, (3) contact information for three professional references.

Priority application deadline May 11, 2020, but applications will be accepted until position is filled.

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