MS Position - Deep CZ Carbon and Water

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Friday, October 5, 2018 - 09:45

M.S. Research Assistantship in Biogeochemistry of Deep Soil Carbon (Fall 2019)


The University of Florida is seeking a M.S. graduate research assistant in the Soil and Water Sciences Department to characterize the biogeochemistry of Deep Podzolized Carbon (a massive pool of ancient, deep soil carbon in the southeastern United States Coastal Plain, read more at Specifically, the research assistant will conduct a combination of field and laboratory based work to identify edaphic and hydrologic processes that control DPC cycling and turnover.  Field work will included deep soil sampling (>3 meters) at multiple locations in Florida. Laboratory work will include a variety of soil and organic matter characteriziations as well as manipulated soil respiration incubations.


This graduate research assistantship will begin in Fall 2019 and receive a 12-month stipend that includes tuition and health insurance over a two year period.  This position will be co-advised by Drs. Allan Bacon (Assistant Professor, Environmental Pedology and Land Use) and Pattrick Inglett (Professor, Biogeochemistry). 


The successful applicant will have all or some of the following:

an undergraduate degree in an environmental science field,
laboratory experience (soil analyses and/or organic carbon analyses are a plus),
undergraduate research experience analyzing and presenting data,
strong academic credentials as indexed by GPA and GRE scores,
willingness to conduct field work in potentially hot and humid weather, and
ability to articulate why an M.S. in Soil and Water Sciences is their desired pursuit.


Interested candidates should contact Drs. Allan Bacon ( and Patrick Inglett ( directly.

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