Invitation: Joint Early Career Researchers– Soil Science Networking Event (AGU 2019)

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - 09:30

Coordination by ISMC - Division 2 IUSS Working Group
Time: Sunday 8th Dec. 2019 12:00-17:00
Place: TBA

Target Audience: 0-7 year PostDoc Soil Scientists | Max. 15 participants

Event aim:

  • Networking and experience exchange in a dynamic atmosphere
  • Cross-fertilization of research projects
  • Identify research paper opportunities
  • AGU Preparation & follow-up activities

Invitation to Early Career Soil Scientists!

We invite Early Career Scientists (ECS) at PostDoc level for an ECS workshop to discuss how you address these recent challenges through ongoing research projects. After a short introduction, participants dissolve in groups of 4-5 people to identify and work on specific questions. With the skills and experience brought to the table, we identify common ground and shape a roadmap for solving state-of-the-art research questions. Participants will leave with a common understanding of research agendas and a path forward to develop a joint white paper. The workshop nurtures future soil research talents through stimulating international collaboration beyond projects.

Vadose Zone and Land Surface Processes

The parameterization of land surface processes and related properties critically determines the magnitudes and partitioning of water, energy, and carbon fluxes. Studies have shown that uncertainty in the estimates of key soil properties remain large, and the temporal variation of soil structure (e.g., due to compaction) is often not considered. These uncertainties adversely impact the fidelity of estimates of soil water, energy, and carbon fluxes. In recent years, highly spatially resolved global data sets of soil properties have been developed for improved parameterization of soil hydraulic and thermal properties, yet lacking incorporation in Earth system models. This scientific workshop focuses on improved parameterization of soil and critical zone processes, relevant for modelling land surface processes in the climate, hydrological, biogeosciences and critical zone sciences.


  1. Get-to-know-Lunch
  2. Presentations: Your research in 3 minutes
  3. Coffee
  4. Session-X-Lab – Round Tables in groups of 4-6 persons (time allocated):
    1. Who are you and what can you contribute to the group? (5 minutes in total).
    2. Discuss major role and model deficits in soil process representation in your model. Agree on one major/common science question (10 min).
    3. Outline options and roadmap how to tackle the challenges (Flip-chart; 10 min).
    4. Present the roadmap to the group (30 min).
  5. Elaborate
    1. Joint ECS White Paper based on topics and future outlooks
    2. Fast-forward small research studies & publications
  6. Join AGU Early Career Reception

How to take part:

  • Brief CV stating date of thesis submission.
  • Reference Contact confirming their support in AGU and event participation
  • Brief Letter of Intent – send as single PDF to ISMC Coordination Office.


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I am looking forward to participating in this event. I am currently working on vadose zone processes dealing with the effect of increasing temperature trends on soil nutrients. I am very hopeful to share my ideas as well as get to know others' research views. Thank you.