International CZO Working Group

This is a collaborative working space for the particpants of the International CZO Workshop that occured December 13 in San Francisco prior to AGU 2015.

International CZO Workshop Agenda

Session 1: Established CZO Networks

  • SoilTrEC       Steven Banwart (University of Sheffield)
  • TERENO       Harry Vereecken (Jülich Research Centre)
  • RBV/Critex    Guillaume Nord (Universite Joseph Fourier - Grenoble)
  • China             Chen Zhu (Indiana University) 
  • U.S.A.            Dan Richter (Duke University) | Spoke: Suzanne Anderson 

Session 2: Individual CZOs; Lightning Talks (2 slides, 2 minutes)


  • Jean Jacques Braun (The French Research Institute for Development) | Gabon/Cameroon CZO
  • Oliver Chadwick (UC Santa Barbara) | Kruger National Park, S. Africa


  • Kyoung-nam Jo (Kangwon National University) | Korea CZO
  • Jagdish Krishnaswamy (Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment) | Western Ghats, India
  • Yuichi Onda (University of Tsukuba) | Japan CZOs
  • Paul Schroeder (University of Georgia) | Turkey CZO
  • Chen Zhu (Indiana University) | Qiangtang River Basin CZO (China)


  • Jason Beringer (University of Western Australia) | Future Farm, W. Australia
  • Talitha Santini (University of Queensland) | Blue Mtn. CZO, NSW, Australia


  • John Burkhart (University of Oslo) | Finse, Norway
  • Jack Cosby (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology) | CEH observatories
  • Mike Ellis (British Geol. Survey) | London-Thames Estuary Catchment CZO
  • Mats Oquist (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) | Sweden
  • Susan Trumbore (UC Irvine) | AquaDiva CZO, central Germany
  • Steve Banwart (University of Sheffield) | TUM CZO, Germany 
  • Tom Vanwalleghem (University of Córdoba) | Santa Clotilde, s. Spain 


  • Christina Siebe (National Autonomous University of Mexico) | Mezquital Valley, Mexico

North America 

  • Pam Sullivan (University of Kansas) | Konza Prairie
  • Mark Seyfried (USDA-ARS) | Long-Term Agro-Ecosystem Research

South America 

  • Mark Seyfried (USDA-ARS) | Cuenca CZO, Ecuador
  • Steve Loheide (University of Wisconsion) | Pampas CZO, Argentina 

Session 3: Common science questions and measurements presentation by Jon Chorover (University of Arizona; PI, Santa Catalina/Jemez CZO, U.S.A.)