63° 50' 53.5308" N, 149° 3' 14.2812" W
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The Alaska Department of Natural Resources hosts a relocable terreestial NEON site here.
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The Healy site is located about 2 hours South West of Fairbanks, North of Denali National Park. There are few amenities in town; most provisions are procured in Fairbanks prior to departure. The NEON field house and research site are located along Stampede Road, in upland Tundra in the foothills of the Alaska Mountain Range. Mosquitoes are abundant between June and early August and constitute the main challenge to living and working in and around Healy. Weather can also be unpredictable; precipitation in the form of rain or snow can occur any time of year, and average summer temperatures can vary from the 30s to mid-70s

NEON data (Relocatable Terrestrial) from this site. 

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US affiliate
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