Goldschmidt2020: Redox biogeochemistry session call for abstracts

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Friday, January 10, 2020 - 10:45

Dear Colleagues:


Please consider submitting an abstract to Session 10b, titled “Redox-sensitive biogeochemistry from pores to watersheds” that will be held at the Goldschmidt 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 21-26. This session is being conducted under Theme 10: Earth surface processes from chemical fronts to climate change. The session and theme descriptions are provided below. February 14, 2020 is the abstract submission deadline.


Session 10b Description: Biogeochemical reactions respond to redox conditions that vary in space and time; however, our understanding of how redox and redox-sensitive processes scale from pores to watersheds remains limited. For example, the emergent properties of a watershed depend both on the spatial extent of heterogeneous landscape features within the watershed and on the interactions between these disparate zones. Similarly, bulk soil properties reflect complex biogeochemical processes that vary within and between soil aggregates. This session will focus on 1) critical zone processes that influence redox conditions; 2) spatial and temporal variability in redox and redox-sensitive processes; and 3) integrating small-scale measurements into large-scale emergent properties. We invite presentations that investigate controls on redox and/or redox effects on biogeochemical processes, with a focus on how the emergent properties of a system depend on the spatial and/or temporal heterogeneity within the system.


Feel free to pass this email message along to other colleagues that may be interested in the session.


Best regards,


Elizabeth Herndon (Oak Ridge National Lab)

Eric Pierce (Oak Ridge National Lab)

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