Goldschmidt session 10e Pedology in the State Factor Matrix: A Session in Honor of Oliver A. Chadwick

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Friday, January 10, 2020 - 17:45

Dear CZEN Colleagues:

I want to alert you to session 10e at the next Goldschmidt (June 21-26, in Honolulu) that Jon Chorover, Lou Derry and I are organizing in honor of Oliver Chadwick as he moves into retirement.

It would be great to have you contribute to this session, and join the festivities.  For details, please click the link below, then click Theme 10 (Earth Surface Processes), then choose session 10e: Pedology in the State Factor Matrix: A Session in Honor of Oliver A. Chadwick.

Session 10e description: This session is organized to celebrate the leadership and scholarly contributions of Oliver A. Chadwick, and their wide-ranging impact on the field of soil science. In his career, Dr. Chadwick has shaped our current thinking on geochemical mass balance during pedogenesis. He has developed coherent predictive models of pedogenic thresholds and their relation to ecosystem dynamics. His work has advanced our understanding of how rock-derived nutrients control ecosystem productivity, how minerals interact with soil carbon, how landscapes evolve over Quaternary timescales, and how soil development intersects with the development of human societies in Hawai’i and across the Pacific. In particular, Dr. Chadwick has advanced the state factor framework for understanding the individual roles that lithology, climate, topography, time, and vegetation play in the biogeochemical functioning of soil. In the spirit of Dr. Chadwick’s interdisciplinary approach to research, we invite contributions across a range of pedologic topics, including soil-water-vegetation interaction, geochemical tracers of soil processes, landscape evolution, and human-soil relations. We particularly encourage studies inspired by the state factor matrix approach to understanding soil.

Julie Pett-Ridge (Oregon State University)

Jon Chorover (University of Arizona)

Lou Derry (Cornell University)

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