Critical zone sessions at CMWR conference, Saint Malo, France

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Sunday, November 19, 2017 - 05:45

The 22nd CMWR conference (Computational Methods in Water Resources) will place a special emphasis on the link between data and models, in particular in the context of critical zone systems. The conference will take place in the coastal city of Saint Malo (France) from June 3 to 7 2018. The deadline for abstract submission is November 22 2017.

The session most closely related to the critical zone are the following:

- Computational ecohydrology:

- Integrated hydrologic models of coupled surface and subsurface flow:

- Modeling solute turnover with landscapes:

- Observatories, remote sensing, data-driven modeling:

- Reactive transport modeling:

- Subsurface biogeochemistry:

Four invited speakers will present topics closely related to the critical zone:

- Yin Fang, "Three critical zone depths"

- Stefan Kollet "Groundwater to atmosphere simulations under human water use conditions over the European continent"

- Praveen Kumar "Simulation based exploration of critical zone dynamics"

- Kate Maher "Response of biogeochemical interfaces to hydrologic fluctuations: the ultimate control on water quality ?"

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