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Critical Zone Collaborative Network

The National Science Foundation (NSF) is inviting proposals for “Thematic Clusters” and a “Coordinating Hub”, under Program Solicitation NSF 19-586 (“Critical Zone Collaborative Network”). All proposals are due 02 December 2019. As defined by NSF, Thematic Clusters are united by research themes or science questions. Clusters may consist of one or more sites operated by different institutions, and sites are the places where interdisciplinary research will be conducted in support of Cluster science themes.

We would like to invite those considering submitting a proposal to use this forum to promote your ideas and align them with potential collaborators. Discussion topics around the solicitation could include research themes/questions, potential new sites, mechanisms for interdisciplinary research, or plans for broader impacts. This forum can also be used to ask the CZEN community about existing legacy data or sites (i.e. CZO, LTER, NEON, USFS, DOE) relevant for proposed science questions (see

Find a note to CZ colleagues from CZO PIs and other relevant solicitation information at

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Jill Banfield (not verified)
Microbial ecology theme?

Would this be worth considering? There is extensive metagenomic data, some of it genome-resolved, from Eel River CZO (including Sagehorn), Hopland, Sedgwick, and the LBNL East River watershed study site (DOE).