Community Call for Session suggestions - Goldschmidt 2017

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016 - 15:45

Paris, France
13th - 18th August, 2017

Community Call for Session suggestions:
DEADLINE: Tuesday November 1st

Dear Goldschmidt Delegate,

This is the final reminder for the deadline for the Community Call for Sessions and the Workshop submissions for the Goldschmidt2017 conference program.

When you have your suggestion ready and the approval of all proposed organisers is confirmed, please submit through the Goldschmidt2017 website. Details of how to submit a session proposal can be found on the call for session page.

Call for Workshops:
DEADLINE: Tuesday November 1st

If you want to run a workshop at the Paris Goldschmidt and have not yet submitted your proposal please ensure you complete the process by November 1st.

The conference office can collect bookings and payments, advertise your workshop and make all the logistical arrangements for running it. Workshops can run for half days, a full day or over two days as you prefer. More details of how we are able to help and for a link to the submission form please go to the workshop page on the website.

Thank you for helping to build this conference for our community.

Best wishes,
Antje Boetius
Goldschmidt2017 Organising & Science Committee Chair
European Association of Geochemistry

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