Call for Papers: WATER Special Issue on "Catchments as observatories of the hydrological and biogeochemical functioning of the Critical Zone"

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Friday, October 19, 2018 - 12:15 to Thursday, October 31, 2019 - 18:00

Call for Papers

Journal: Water (an Open Access Journal by MDPI)
Special Issue: Catchments as observatories of the hydrological and biogeochemical functioning of the Critical Zone
Call for Papers Deadline: 
31 October 2019
Editors: Dr. Jean-Luc Probst and Dr Anne Probst

Message from editors: 

Catchments are geographic, geomorphologic and hydrologic unities, today recognized to be relevant natural infrastructures for supporting the development of new research on the critical zone and the management of water resources and soil protection at the continental scale, as well as at regional or local scales. A better understanding of the mechanisms and a better estimation of mass balances
at the scale of catchments requires us to set up long-term surveys to take into account the recurrence of dry and
humid periods. This Special Issue calls for innovative papers:

  • to show the advances in the coupling of hydrological, biogeochemical and/or ecological approaches.
  • to show how to survey “catchment pulsation” using continuous or high-frequency measurements .
  • to determine the respective contribution of climate change and anthropogenic activities on interannual fluctuations and the long-term trends in hydrological and biogeochemical parameters measured in the river systems.
  • to show how to use integrative modelling approaches to better simulate the riverine fluxes of dissolved and particulate elements, originating from natural or anthropogenic sources.

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