Call for Goldschmidt 2019 Sessions closes 1 November

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 11:45

Just a reminder that the call for sessions for Goldschmidt 2019 in beautiful Barcelona closes on Thursday 1 November. 

Dear Critical Zoners! The call for sessions and workshops for Goldschmidt 2019 in Barcelona is now open until 1 November 2018. Please consider proposing a session to Theme 9: Weathering, erosion and the critical zone

The Critical Zone is “critical” because it sustains nearly all terrestrial life, providing numerous essential ecosystem services such as biomass production and habitat, storage and transmission of fresh water and carbon, and food and nutrient production. Weathering and erosion are fundamental critical zone processes that shape Earth’s surface, modulate water and soil resources, regulate Earth’s climate, and transport solids and solutes from continents into the oceans. We encourage sessions that employ new observational, experimental, analytical and modeling approaches and theoretical frameworks to provide insights into the mechanisms and controls of weathering and erosion and other critical zone processes, as well as their roles in global biogeochemical cycles. Session topics will include, but are not limited to: present and past physical, chemical, hydrological, and biological links between different critical zone processes; their influence and feedbacks on geomorphology; climate and tectonics; quantification of weathering fluxes and erosion rates; new development of both established and novel geochemical and isotopic systems in the critical zone including weathering profiles, rivers, and catchments; and connections between continental critical zone processes and ocean biogeochemistry.

Proposed sessions are limited to 2 co-convenors maximum, to facilitate mergers. Sessions should be broad enough to attract at least 25-30 abstracts, ideally more, otherwise they will be merged or rejected. Proposals for specific or niche session topics are welcome, but you will need to demonstrate in your proposal that they will attract sufficient numbers of abstracts in order to be accepted as is. Do not invite keynotes at this stage. Please see instructions on the website: and contact Theme Coordinators with any questions!

Theme Co-ordinators:
Heather Buss (University of Bristol)
Clifford Riebe (University of Wyoming)
Philip Pogge von Strandmann (Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences)

See you in Barcelona!

Heather Buss

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