Call for abstracts: Critical Zone Session at Goldschmidt in Yokohama

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 09:15

Abstract submission is open for the Goldschmidt conference in Yokohama (deadline is February 26th) and we wanted to draw you attention to our CZ related session “Towards international Critical Zone research in the Anthropocene: the biogeochemistry of ecosystem services”, listed under Weathering and Erosion (11g).

Here is the description that goes with it, please consider submitting an abstract:

The Critical Zone spans from the top of the vegetative canopy to the actively cycled groundwater providing life sustaining ecosystem services such as freshwater, fertile soil, contaminant attenuation, carbon sequestration and much more. However, rapid population growth and global climate change during the Anthropocene poses challenges to the Earth’s Critical Zone as the CZ, and its associated ecosystems, are pushed to balance increased demand (e.g. crop yield) while maintaining the CZ’s natural structure and other important ecosystem functions. Biogeochemical processes, the theme of this session, are central to providing these services and supporting the sustainability of the CZ at local, regional and global scales.

We invite contributions that use biogeochemistry tools to understand how the CZ responds to stresses imposed by Anthropocene forcings including (but not limited to) climate events, acidification, land-use and degradation, fertilization, urbanization, soil erosion, drought and wildfire. Study systems can range across pristine to urbanized gradients. Abstracts reporting on international collaborative research efforts are welcome as well as contributions with visions on how to expand local/regional research to form a global network. It is not a requirement that research or presenters/authors are officially affiliated with a Critical Zone Observatory. Rather we wish to highlight international research that examines biogeochemical processes with Critical Zone perspective. 

Hope to see you in Japan!


Julia Perdrial and Siliang Li

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