Call for Abstracts: 3rd ISMC Conference - Advances in Modeling Soil Systems Modeling

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Tuesday, February 23, 2021 - 07:45

3rd ISMC Conference - Advances in Modeling Soil Systems on May 18-22, 2021

Abstract deadline: 15th March 2021





The conference programme addresses recent research in the soil-vegetation-atmosphere continuum centered around soils over all spatial scales, time scales, and elements - from processes to prediction.

Programme and abstract submission:

Conference goals:

  • Engagement during scientific sessions
  • Active interaction and discussions
  • Excellent oral talks and poster presentations

Scientific Sessions:

  1. Integration of Soil Processes in Global Land Surface/Earth System Models
  2. Modelling soil formation as a function of critical zone processes
  3. Modelling at the interface of soil and plant
  4. Model soil contamination and transport of pollutants
  5. Scaling soil biogeochemical models
  6. Modeling surface runoff and soil erosion at various scales: data, process, and mathematical representation
  7. Landscape heterogeneity: pragmatic modelling, methodology standards, harmonized measurements – and related challenges
  8. Modelling and evaluation of soil functions at all scales
  9. Modelling biogeochemical fluxes and soil organic carbon dynamics in soil systems
  10. Advances in soil modeling through data analytics, machine learning and prediction


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