Biogeochemistry of the Critical Zone Book Volume: Now Accepting Abstracts

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 08:30

As part of the Advances in Critical Zone Science Book Series (Edited by Steve Banwart, published by Springer-Nature) we are pleased to announce the development of the volume “Biogeochemistry of the Critical Zone”. We are currently seeking abstracts related to one of the many thematic topics outlined in the linked PDF with abstracts due by May 15th, 2018. We seek submissions that focus on how biogeochemical processes vary across the critical zone (CZ) as an integrated system, and how these processes are better informed by an improved understanding of CZ hydrology, geomorphology and ecology. We also encourage collaborative papers highlighting cross-site research and those that include early career researchers and graduate students. Submissions can be of original research, meta-analyses, or literature reviews. The target audience includes both researchers and land managers. Co-Editors of this special biogeochemistry volume include: Adam Wymore (University of New Hampshire), Wendy Yang (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Whendee Silver (University of California, Berkeley), Jon Chorover (University of Arizona) and Bill McDowell (University of New Hampshire).

Successful submissions will specifically highlight how the CZ framework (i.e., consideration of the complete permeable system, from bedrock to canopy) enhances or provides novel insights in the study of biogeochemistry. Thus, submissions must accomplish at least one following: treat the CZ as a whole and integrated system; or integrate the concepts/perspectives and methods of allied disciplines (e.g. hydrology, geomorphology, ecology, microbiology) to better understand biogeochemical processes throughout or in specific parts of the CZ. Abstracts and manuscripts will not be accepted that do not incorporate these integrative approaches. Editors will work with authors providing feedback through the submission process to ensure that this important aspect comes through in each submission.


Abstract submissions (as well as any general queries) should be sent to: Adam Wymore (

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