AGU: soil carbon stocks, fluxes and vulnerability at large spatial scales

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015 - 13:45

Dear CZEN Members,

It's that time of year when the abstract submission deadline for the AGU Fall Meeting is looming large on the horizon; at this time it is just a week away (5 August)!

I am writing to encourage anyone who studies soil carbon at large spatial scales to consider attending this great meeting, and to submit an abstract to the session that Chris Swanston, Nancy Cavallaro and I are organizing. The session, which has session ID #8182, is titled: B077: Soil carbon stocks, fluxes and vulnerability at large spatial scales. Here is a direct link to the session description page, which also has an abstract submission link:

We have some great submitted abstracts for this session and several invited presenters lined up. Grant Domke will present a national scale project within the USDA-Forest Service to report the U.S. forest sector soil carbon balance to UNFCCC. Rodrigo Vargas will describe his group's data-intensive project to represent and predict spatial variability of soil C across Mexico and the U.S. Bill Riley will present his group's work to model hydrologic and biogeochemical processes influencing soil carbon at multiple spatial scales. Please join us and contribute your abstract to be a part of this fine program!