AGU 2019 session- Biological weathering in the Critical Zone: An integrated multi-domain approach

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Tuesday, July 9, 2019 - 17:30

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Session Title: Biological weathering in the Critical Zone: An integrated multi-domain approach
Section: Biogeosciences
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Session Description: Microorganisms, roots and associated fungal symbionts drive mineral weathering and extent throughout the Critical Zone (CZ) by acting as conduits for water and nutrient flow and through production of organic acids. Advances in process-based models, isotopic-, image-, and “-omics”-based approaches reveal the contribution of life interacting with primary rock mineral materials resulting in soil formation, expanding our understanding of the depth of the CZ. The feedbacks between biological weathering, transport, porosity generation, and solute fluxes within the subsurface environment at varying spatiotemporal scales remains to be explored.  How are microbially-mediated transformations governed by vadose zone architecture, rock/soil fracture/matrix hydraulic pathways, and the presence of roots? How can we better elucidate biological controls on chemical weathering? We seek cross-disciplinary studies that are utilizing modeling approaches and integrating novel data sets to understand the interactions and feedbacks between roots, microorganisms, nutrients, water and minerals on varying spatiotemporal scales throughout Earth’s Critical Zone.



Dawson Fairbanks (CJCZO)

Susana Roque-Malo (IML)

Nicholas Dove (SSCZO)

Pamela Sullivan (SHCZO)


Invited Speakers: Jennifer Druhan, Steven Banwart


Abstract submission deadline: Wednesday, 31 July at 23:59 EDT

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Looking forward to seeing you at AGU.

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