AGU 2017 session H145: Water-Rock Interactions in Alluvial Aquifers

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Monday, July 10, 2017 - 09:30 to Thursday, August 3, 2017 - 00:00

Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an abstract to the below Hydrology session for the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting in NOLA.  

H145: Water-Rock Interactions in Alluvial Aquifers

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Alluvial aquifers are globally important, river-connected groundwater resources. The geology (often characterized by heterogeneous layers of sands and clays with abundant organic matter) of these aquifers coupled with direct connections to both surface water and deeper groundwater provides a dynamic biogeochemical environment.  Key water-rock-microbial interactions in these environments include the cycling of iron, sulfur, and carbon, which also influence the mobility of important trace elements such as arsenic.  Hence, understanding the biogeochemistry of these systems is an important global water resources problem.  Contributions to this session should advance the understanding of water-rock interactions in alluvial aquifers and may include: (1) the use of novel geochemical and isotopic tracers, (2) trace elements of health significance such as arsenic, (3) microbial transformations, and (4) the geochemistry of surface water/groundwater interactions.

Primary Convener:  David M Borrok, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette, LA, United States 
Conveners:  David S Vinson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, Charlotte, NC, United States, Lin Ma, University of Texas at El Paso, El Paso, TX, United States and Gregg R Davidson, University of Mississippi Main Campus, Geology and Geological Engineering, University, MS, United States 


B - Biogeosciences

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0463 Microbe/mineral interactions [BIOGEOSCIENCES] 
0496 Water quality [BIOGEOSCIENCES] 
1829 Groundwater hydrology [HYDROLOGY] 
1831 Groundwater quality [HYDROLOGY]

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