Conference Announcement

Goldschmidt Session 09i: Quantifying the impact of plants on rates of weathering and erosion

Dear colleagues, 

The abstract submission deadline for the Goldschimdt 2019 (Barcelona, Spain Aug 18-23) is rapidly approaching. Please consider submitting an abstract to session 09i "Quantifying the impact of plants on rates of weathering and erosion” within Theme 9: “Weathering, Erosion, and the Critical Zone.”  Kate Maher (Stanford) will be our keynote speaker. 

Session Title: Quantifying the impact of plants on rates of weathering and erosion

Goldschmidt 2019 - 09b: Understanding the CZ w/ particles, solutes, & gases in rivers

Hello all, 

Please conisder submitting abstracts to our Goldschmidt session (09b) entitled, "Understanding the Critical Zone Using the Composition of Particles, Solutes, and Gases Transported by Rivers." The keynote will be delivered by Dr. Hella Wittmann-Oelze (GFZ Potsdam). Abstracts are due 3/29.

-Drs. Mark Torres (Rice) and Jotautas Baronas (Cambridge)

Session soil-plant interactions - Theme 12 of Goldschmidt conf, Barcelona 18-23 August 2019.

Exploring the functioning of soil-plant interactions: data and models

Convenors: Frédéric Gérard (INRA), K Ulrich Mayer (UBC), Chiara Pistocchi (SupAgro), Federica Tamburini (ETH)

Proposed keynote speaker: Sascha Oswald (Univ Potsdam)

Call for Goldschmidt 2019 Sessions closes 1 November

Just a reminder that the call for sessions for Goldschmidt 2019 in beautiful Barcelona closes on Thursday 1 November. 

Dear Critical Zoners! The call for sessions and workshops for Goldschmidt 2019 in Barcelona is now open until 1 November 2018. Please consider proposing a session to Theme 9: Weathering, erosion and the critical zone

Join us tomorrow for a CZO meeting during Goldschmidt 2018 (RSVP required)

Join the U.S. Critical Zone Observatory program for food, drink and discussion during the 2018 Goldschmidt Conference in Boston. This meeting is open to the greater CZ community to discuss ongoing CZO network-level initiatives including data management, common measurements, and potential new cross-site initiatives in anticipation of a new CZO solicitation. 

Legacy N: Biogeochemical, Hydrologic and Environmental Perspectives

Abstract deadline for Soil Science Society of America Annual Meeting 2019 – (San Diego, California. January 6th-9th) is approaching!

Please consider submitting to Legacy N: Biogeochemical, Hydrologic and Environmental Perspectives. This is an interdisciplinary session and a critical zone approach is encouraged.

Abstract Deadline – August 7th 2018