Conference Announcement

Sessions related to CZ Science at the 2021 International Clay Conference

The Clay Science Society (Turkey) and The Clay Minerals Society (USA) will be co-hosting the 17th International Clay Conference 2021 (17th ICC 2021) in İstanbul, Turkey. The scientific program of the 17th ICC 2021 will bring together, as it does every four years, scientists from different disciplines related to clays and clay minerals. The program will consist of technical sessions of oral and poster presentations and keynote speakers.

AGU Session EP013: Earth Surface Processes and the Global Carbon Cycle

Dear colleagues,

We write to encourage you to submit abstracts to the session titled “Earth Surface Processes and the Global Carbon Cycle” at the upcoming AGU 2020 virtual fall meeting. This session aims to bridge many aspects of Earth-surface carbon cycling. Our invited speakers will be:

Marisa Repasch, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

AGU 2020 Session: “Advances in Isotopic, Trace Element and Noble Gas Tracers of Hydrologic Processes”

Dear Colleagues, 

Please consider submitting an abstract to session H005: “Advances in Isotopic, Trace Element and Noble Gas Tracers of Hydrologic Processes”, which will be held virtually as part of the AGU Fall Meeting December 7–11, 2020.  This session, which is described below, will highlight novel advances in geochemical tracers of hydrologic processes, ranging from field studies, to experiments and modeling approaches. 

5th International Electronic Conference on Water Sciences: Water and the Ecosphere in the Anthropocene -

16–30 November 2020
Chaired by Dr. Jean-Luc PROBST
Scientific Committee
Prof. Dr. Laurent J.A. Pfister
Prof. Dr. Karin Ingold
Prof. Dr. John S. Richardson
Prof. Dr. Richard C. Smardon
Prof. Dr. Xiaoling Chen
Prof. Dr. Jianzhong Lu
Dr. David Point

Supporting Material(s): 

Goldschmidt session 10e Pedology in the State Factor Matrix: A Session in Honor of Oliver A. Chadwick

Dear CZEN Colleagues:

I want to alert you to session 10e at the next Goldschmidt (June 21-26, in Honolulu) that Jon Chorover, Lou Derry and I are organizing in honor of Oliver Chadwick as he moves into retirement.

Goldschmidt2020: Redox biogeochemistry session call for abstracts

Dear Colleagues:


Please consider submitting an abstract to Session 10b, titled “Redox-sensitive biogeochemistry from pores to watersheds” that will be held at the Goldschmidt 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii on June 21-26. This session is being conducted under Theme 10: Earth surface processes from chemical fronts to climate change. The session and theme descriptions are provided below. February 14, 2020 is the abstract submission deadline.