3x M.S./Ph.D. positions on water, agriculture, and communities in the eastern Great Plains

We are recruiting up to three graduate students (M.S. or Ph.D.) to begin in summer/fall 2022 for a new USDA-funded project investigating how agriculture, water, and communities in the eastern Great Plains can manage and adapt to future climate conditions.

Doctoral Research Opportunity

University of Arizona is looking for a PhD student to work on the project entitled “Rock-plant interactions driving early soil development and landscape evolution”. The work will examine weathering reactions in the basalt rock as a result of water flow, microbial community and plant development, as well as feedbacks to plant emergence and growth. It will be conducted at the Landscape Evolution Observatory at Biosphere 2.

3rd Annual International Early Career AGU Workshop on “Toward an International Critical Zone Network-of-Networks for the Next Generation through Shared Science, Tools, Data and Philosophy”

Dear Colleagues,

Teaching Faculty in Environmental Science at Johns Hopkins

Hi folks,

Our department of Earth and Planetary Science is looking to hire someone to run the department’s ever-popular Environmental Science and Studies program. Please apply!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Darryn Waugh (waugh@jhu.edu) who is leading the search committee.


Ciaran Harman


Teaching Faculty in Environmental Science

!! Two graduate positions available on groundwater and agriculture decision science !!

We are recruiting two graduate students (M.S./Ph.D. track) to begin in summer/fall 2022 to contribute to a new project studying how farmers, water managers, and scientists understand and use groundwater models to support water use decisions.