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NSF-Funded Seed Sites

Two NSF awards (NSF EAR-0632516 and NSF EAR-0819857) have provided funding in two rounds to develop 11 seed sites in the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico. Research at eight sites was funded by the first award. With the award of NSF EAR-0819857, three new seed sites were added with new activities funded at one of the existing sites. The 11 sites offer researchers opportunities to examine the interconnectedness of Critical Zone processes in different lithologies, climates and topographies. One of the initial seed sites, the Susquehanna Shale Hills Observatory, has since become an NSF-funded Critical Zone Observatory (Shale Hills CZO NSF-0725019).
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Site Name Description Membership
Adirondack Mountains Adirondack Mountain granitic gneiss site, NY. Location in southwestern Adirondacks. Request membership
Bonanza Creek LTER Carbon in the Critical Zone: Biogeochemical Fluxes and Microbial Communities in a Moisture Gradient and Moisture Manipulation at Bonanza Creek LTER Request membership
Calhoun Soil-Ecosystem Research and Education Experiment Long-term soil-ecosystem experiments (LTSEs) demonstrate how & why humanity is changing Earth's Critical Zone on decade's time scales. Join
Central Great Plains Sites encompass a climatic gradient from eastern Colorado to eastern Kansas. Join
Hawaii Linking Hydrology and Deep Weathering Join
Illinois River Basin Illinois River Basin Request membership
Merced River Chronosequence A Staircase Through Time and a Window into Human Disturbance of Biogeochemistry Request membership
Panola Mountain Panola Mountain Request membership
Roger's Glen, Chadwicks, NY New York satellite site (associated with the Shale Hills CZO) located in Chadwicks, NY Request membership
Susquehanna Shale Hills Transect A transect of sites on Shale along the east coast of the US. Request membership
Test site 2 test Join
UWA-CZO - Avon River Catchment Deep weathering, ancient soils and modern land use ind Western Australia Request membership