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International Critical Zone Observatories

These sites are similar to NSF-funded CZOs, but are funded by international agencies. Some of the sites are now organized and funded through the European Commission project entitled Soil Transformations in European Catchments (SoilTrEC). SoilTrEC fact sheet
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Site Name Description Membership
Aurade experimental catchment Small catchment (320 ha) with 30 years of data: impact of climate change and agricultural practices on soil erosion, weathering rate and river fluxes Request membership
BigLink Biosphere-Geosphere interactions: Linking climate change, weathering, soil formation and ecosystem evolution Request membership
CZO of Mayotte Volcanic edifices of Mayotte: Erosion and chemical weathering multi-disciplinary studies Request membership
Ellebach CZO The Ellebach CZO covers an area of 101.3 km² and represents a heterogeneous agricultural dominated area. Join
Erkensruhr CZO The Erkensruhr CZO situated in the Eifel (Germany) has an area of 41.7 km² and is mainly covered by spruce (Picea abies). Join
Fuerstensee Forested lake catchment in the glacially formed territory of northeastern Germany Join
Guadeloupe Monitoring of soil solution, stream water chemistry and physical denudation Request membership
Hainich CZO Functioning and biodiversity of the subsoil compartments of the Critical Zone and their links to pedosphere, biosphere and lower atmosphere. Request membership
Kall CZO The catchment of the Kall River is typical for the low mountain ranges of the Eifel and covers an area of 19 km² Join
Koiliaris River basin A Mediterranean Critical Zone Observatory Join
Koiliaris River Basin Hydrologic and geochemical pathways in complex geomorphologic terrain. Soil degradation studies Join
Lysina Acid-sensitive catchment underlain by leucogranite, Czech Republic Join
Main Range National Park CZO Remnant subtropical rainforest and eucalypt forest on Cenozoic basalts over Mesozoic freshwater sediments in south-east Queensland, Australia Request membership
Pluhuv Bor Serpentinite-dominated site in the Czech Republic. Join
Plynlimon Paired catchment experiment on shale bedrock in the headwaters of the rivers Wye and Severn in mid-Wales, UK Join
Selke CZO Interplay between catchment structure and dynamic external forcing and its effects on the hydrologic dynamics and matter fluxes in catchments. Join
TUM CZO TUM-CZO will operate at the watershed scale (carbonatic Ammer Catchment, alpine Ammer Mts. and foreland; crystalline Otter Catchment, mid-mountainous Request membership
Valle della Gallina basin A small basin (1,08 km2; 522 m max, 330 m min a.s.l.) It's an Experimental and Representative Basins - IHP- Unesco Join