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International Affiliates

International field sites engaged in Critical Zone research.
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Site Name Description Membership
Alice Mulga SuperSite large arid-zone catchment with mulga woodland, hummock grassland savanna and riparian river redgum Join
Calperum Mallee SuperSite sparse mallee woodland, Callitris woodland and river floodplain Join
Dryadbreen and Fardalen (Svalbard) Two shale dominated catchments in the Arctic. Join
Great Western Woodlands arid, sparse eucalypt woodland Join
Huehnerwasser / Chicken Creek Catchment Research platform for multidisciplinary exploration of the initial phase of ecosystem development Request membership
Litchfield Savanna SuperSite open forest savanna Join
Newfoundland and Labrador Boreal Ecosystem Latitudinal Transect (NL-BELT) Four study regions across a latitudinal transect, each with three replicate sites similar in species but differing in mean annual temperature Join
North Ogilvie Mountains, Yukon Territory Shale-derived soils in the unglaciated North Ogilvie Mts., Yukon Territory. Request membership
Richardson Mountains, Yukon Territory Shale-derived soils in the unglaciated western foothills of the Richardson Mts., Yukon Territory. Request membership
SEQ Peri-urban SuperSite - Karawatha peri-urban sub-tropical eucalypt forest Join
Strengbach catchment - OHGE Granitic forested catchment in North East of France, monitored since 1986 Request membership
Victorian Dry Eucalypt SuperSite - Whroo dry eucalypt forest Join
Victorian Dry Eucalypt SuperSite - Wombat dry eucalypt forest Join
Warra Tall Eucalypt SuperSite tall, wet eucalypt forest Join