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CZEN Group Spaces

Group Spaces

Name Description Date Added Membership
2010 Critical Zone Summer Field School This group will act as a repository for power point slides and talks for the 2010 Critical Zone Summer Field School 6/2/2010 Join
2011 Critical Zone Summer Field School This group will act as a repository for power point slides and talks for the 2011 Critical Zone Summer Field School 6/22/2011 Join
Calhoun CZO Long-Term Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory 10/2/2013 Join
ChemXSeer ChemXSeer is for environmental chemists to integrate the scientific literature with experimental, analytical and simulation result datasets. 9/15/2007 Request membership
Cross CZO Working Group on Organic Matter Active cross-CZO working group focusing on common questions and methods in organic matter research 5/12/2014 Request membership
Cross Site Research by Students and Post-Docs A place to advertise, advocate, and develop cross-site datasets and analyses 1/28/2013 Request membership
CZ-tope CZ-tope: An international initiative utilizing a multiple isotope approach to elucidate Critical Zone Processes 12/8/2014 Join
CZEN field trip/meeting at Goldschmidt 08 A social meeting and field trip for CZEN members at Goldschmidt 08 4/7/2008 Request membership
CZEN organizational activity CZEN organizational activity 1/23/2008 Request membership
CZEN Users Group Help and documentation for CZEN users about the site and Drupal. 4/10/2013 Join
CZEN Weathering Group CZEN Weathering Group 9/26/2008 Invite only
CZO Graduate Research Group Group for Graduate Students and Post Docs to Discuss research, data collection, analysis techniques and methods. 1/18/2012 Request membership
CZO modeling group Working group to facilitate development and application of mathematical/numerical models across the network 9/10/2014 Request membership
CZO PI committee CZO PIs have monthly teleconference to plan and strategize CZO activities. 7/19/2010 Invite only
CZO-steering committee CZO-steering committee 5/30/2008 Request membership
Data and information systems workshop - Fall 2007 - Planning group This group is planning A Fall 2007 workshop to discuss the ongoing collection and compilation of data for CZEN. 9/15/2007 Join
EarthChem EarthChem is a community-driven effort to facilitate the preservation, discovery, access and visualization of the widest and richest geochemical data. 9/15/2007 Request membership
EarthKin, CEKA's online environmental kinetics database Committee to assist in the compilation of mineral dissolution rate data for an online environmental kinetics database 10/7/2009 Join
Elements Element Manuscript Review 9/15/2007 Invite only
Funding Funding for 9/15/2007 Request membership
Geochem Database Working group developing geochemistry database system 11/13/2009 Request membership
Heather Buss Individual group 9/15/2007 Request membership
Help Help for the average/new user 9/15/2007 Request membership
International CZO Collaboration and Funding Workshop A working group organized after the pre-AGU 2014 meeting to facilitate continued communication and collaboration. 1/12/2015 Request membership
International CZO Workshop - Delaware 2011 This group will act as a repository for posters and allow for collaboration between attendees 11/15/2011 Join