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Introduction and CZEN Overview (presented at 2008 Goldschmidt)

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Critical Zone, CZEN, Goldschmidt 2008, Weathering


About forty scientists from the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere convened at the Goldschmidt meeting in Vancouver, Canada, to discuss Critical Zone science. Remarks were made by S Brantley, Jun Abrajano (NSF) and Enriqueta Barrera (NSF). Discussions centered around the development of the Critical Zone Exploration Network of sites and how activities can be increased to include more sites around the world.

Sue's Overview Powerpoint

Sue, I really enjoyed reading your powerpoint. Of particular interest is the ontology that CZEN is working on. CUAHSI is going through a similar exercise. We should explore how to harmonize these ontologies, particularly at the top level. Who has been working on the ontologies for CZEN and how can we get together? Rick Rick Hooper CUAHSI 2000 Florida Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20009 P: 202-777-7306 F: 202-777-7308