Alica Mulga


22° 27' 54" S, 133° 20' 34.8" E
Brief Site Description: 
Alica Mulga is a arid-zone catchment with mulga woodland, hummock grassland savanna and riparian river redgum.
Detailed Site Description: 

The Alice Mulga SuperSite is located on Pine Hill Cattle Station approximately 200 km north of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. It lies in the expansive arid and semi-arid portion of mainland Australia that receives less than 500 mm of annual rainfall. The site includes Mulga woodland, hummock grassland, and river red gum forest. The SuperSite Core 1 ha is located in a dense Mulga woodland (cover 70–80%). The SuperSite has a second OzFlux tower at Ti Tree East where AusPlots are also located in a mosaic of hummock grassland/Corymbia savanna with patches of Mulga/tussock grass. A third study location in the SuperSite is a river red gum forest along the Woodforde river where sapflux sensors are installed.

Research questions:

  • What are the daily, seasonal and inter-annual patterns of energy, carbon and water fluxes of a central Australian arid-zone Mulga dominated biome?
  • What are the responses and biological controls of energy, carbon and water fluxes to pulses of rain?
  • How do the responses, to pulses of rain, differ in the soil, understorey and overstorey components of this ecosystem?
  • What is the impact of variation in soil moisture content (at multiple depths) and atmospheric vapour pressure deficit on the ecophysiology of the understorey and overstorey?
  • What is the resilience of woody vegetation, in relation to high interannual weather variation and unpredictable events (flood, drought)?


Field Site Type: 
International affiliate
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Study Start Date: 
Friday, January 1, 2016 - 00:00
Mean Annual Precipitation: 
308millimeters / year
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Herbaceous Wetlands
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