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AGU 2015 Session: Modeling the Critical Zone: Integrating Processes and Data across Disciplines and Scales

Session ID#: 7751

Session Description:

B052: Multi-Scale and Integrated Sensing for Watershed Science

American Geophysical Union

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San Francisco, CA
United States

AGU: soil carbon stocks, fluxes and vulnerability at large spatial scales

Dear CZEN Members,

It's that time of year when the abstract submission deadline for the AGU Fall Meeting is looming large on the horizon; at this time it is just a week away (5 August)!

I am writing to encourage anyone who studies soil carbon at large spatial scales to consider attending this great meeting, and to submit an abstract to the session that Chris Swanston, Nancy Cavallaro and I are organizing. The session, which has session ID #8182, is titled: B077: Soil carbon stocks, fluxes and vulnerability at large spatial scales. Here is a direct link to the session description page, which also has an abstract submission link:

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Public Consultation on International CZOs

Public Consultation on International CZOs

Register your views on the draft science agenda and next steps for organizing international CZO research 

An international meeting of Critical Zone (CZ) researchers supported by the US NSF and the European Commission FP7 project SoilTrEC met at the University of Delaware during November 2011. The meeting summarised international advances in CZ science and took the initial steps towards forming an international Critical Zone Observatory (CZO) research programme and a 10-year CZ science agenda. The full report from that meeting has been published by the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, and is now available for download. 

We invite public input on the 1-page outline plan for developing an international CZO research programme.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this consultation.